Airway Broadband Services are Available and Applicable only in Gwalior City of Madhya Pradesh (India) Pin-474011


Do I have to have a phone line (land line) or cable to get set-up?

No, The internet service is provided wirelessly through a Radio Frequency Service.

How long is the installation time for Wireless Broadband, Fiber Optic and Ready Port?

After site survey, we need 3 working days for Wireless Broadband, 7 working days for Fiber Optic, and 3 working days for Ready Port.

How long is the wait to get service?

We average 2-3 business days and have installed service on the same day. Because Airway Broadband's Wi-Fi technology is not dependent on, or limited by, your local phone company and its copper wires, service can be installed quickly.

Where is the service available?

See Coverage Map or contact sales for coverage updates.

Do I receive a static IP address?

Yes, as a Business Broadband service provider, we include a static IP address with each account. Static IP's are necessary to run VPN's and many Internet-based services

DSL is not available in our location. Will that prevent our company from getting Airway Broadband's service?

No, Our systems do not utilize any type of phone equipment; we're completely independent.

If I rent my home/apt, can I still get service?

Yes, with permission from the landlord or owner.

What is considered a "standard" installation?

A standard installation includes the mounting of the external radio, running the wire indoors through one small opening, and hooking up the Power Over Ethernet (POE). The installer will run a test to ensure the radio is working at the desired location.

Do I own the equipment once I pay the installation fee?

No, All equipment is property of Airway Broadband . The installation fee is payment only for the set-up process.

I usually pay the same amount every month, why is my bill different this month?

You can check the details of your bill by using the interactive button on airway broadband website and choosing self care portal Section.

Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering high speed data utilizing a Fixed Wi-Fi connection between two fixed points. Airway Broadband owns and operates the largest independent wireless broadband network in the Gwalior. Airway Broadband eliminates the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) hold Class-A ISP License in India. All IP traffic is transported over our own Wi-Fi network utilizing high capacity Wi-Fi technology end to end.
Airway Broadband installs a Wi-Fi CPE (Outdoor Microwave transceiver) on the roof or exterior of our customer's building. We then extend an Ethernet CAT 5e network cable from this CPE down to the customer premise for connectivity into the customer's network.
Our technology use a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another as opposed to the wireless technologies that support the mobility of a cell phone, those technologies can lose connectivity when mobile or going from cell site to cell site. Airway Broadband uses Deliberants, Radmax, and Ubiquiti, technology- fixed wireless systems that support ranges of approximately 5 Km or less and never changes or moves. This provides greater reliability and allows Airway Broadband to provide a 99.99% uptime.
We provide our customers with dedicated connections that provide speeds of 512 Kbps (kilo bit per second) to 10 Mbps (mega bit per second). DSL connections are "best effort" type technologies and do not provide a consistent or fixed bandwidth. The speed of the DSL connection varies widely from location to location and even by time of day as more or less customers get on the network.
Yes, Airway Broadband's service is guaranteed fast. Our network is symmetrical and Airway Broadband gives you the flexibility to increase service levels in the future. Businesses today need fast access for both upload and download, DSL connections do not support symmetrical access, providing only a minimal upload speed and inconsistent download speeds. Slow upload speeds from DSL make it difficult to run VPN's, remote video monitoring, Web servers, and other Internet applications.
Yes, If you need to upgrade your connection, simply gives us a call. We can implement the speed upgrade within 24 hours.
No, Although the installation looks similar and employs a small antenna on the roof, Airway Broadband provides a local microwave service. Unlike satellite which transmits into space, we are transmitting only a few miles, also the latency and throughput speeds on Airway Broadband are much quicker than satellite.
(Short answer) Yes, Airway Broadband's network provides over-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone "listening" to the airwaves from deciphering any messages. In fact, Airway Broadband's over-the-air link may be the most secure leg of a user's Internet connection, even more so than a wired provider's network. One of the biggest issues surrounding the Internet is security. The term "wireless" immediately raises questions on the security of the system. Most consumers have experienced the unintentional interception of portable phone signals and cellular phone signals and equate this to wireless. Explain, in layman's terms, how Airway Broadband's Wi-Fi technology addresses these problems. (Long answer) First, unlike analog telephone transmissions, digital transmissions of Internet traffic are much more difficult to intercept because of the complex cryptology associated with the technology. Second, like other Internet applications such as secure email or web browsing, users can employ many security applications which prevent eavesdropping on transmissions - whether such security applications are installed on the last-mile link to the user's house or elsewhere in the Internet. Third, Airway Broadband's fixed Wi-Fi system provides an over-the-air encryption, which cryptographically scrambles the data bits, preventing anyone "listening" to the airwaves from deciphering any messages. In fact, the microwave system's over-the-air link may be the most secure leg of the typical user's Internet connection.
Our technology use a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another as opposed to the wireless technologies that support the mobility of a cell phone, those technologies can lose connectivity when mobile or going from cell site to cell site. Airway Broadband uses Deliberants, Radmax, and Ubiquiti, technology- fixed wireless systems that support ranges of approximately 5 Km or less and never changes or moves. This provides greater reliability and allows Airway Broadband to provide a 99.99% uptime.
With our commercial service, there is no limit on how many computers you can connect to the system. For more help sizing your network, contact sales.
Yes, Our service was designed with multiple computer connections in mind. Our service is symmetrical (same upload as download) which provides a reliable Internet computing environment for businesses.
Our network is designed to withstand the effect of rain on Wi-Fi signals. We provide a 99.99% uptime.
All a customer will need to connect our service is a firewall or router to secure its own network. The equipment and cables necessary to bring the connection into your building are provided by Airway Broadband.
Yes, Clients can run any number of servers through Key West Broadband's Internet service.
Airway Broadband offers contracts from 12 months to 36 months with discounts for the longer term contracts.
When I moved here broadband was not as important as it is now and if I had to do without it today I would really struggle. Which is much faster. Airway broadband is absolutely a lifeline for me and many others. It works extremely well.
No, Any changes made to an account must be put in writing. The installation fee is non-refundable, regardless of length of time of service.
Yes, A router is required to share the signal with more than one computer. A router may be purchased at any computer supply store.
No, Radio wave is an electromagnetic wave flow in the air trough wall, glass and other material, it has lower power than cellular phone's signal and high voltage electrical cable.
Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket
We provide Bandwidth Management Service which can manage your bandwidth usage to meet every user's need. Contact our sales team for further information.
In "Control Panel" - "Network" - "Configuration", check if there are more than one TCP/IP components. If yes, remove the rest.
Check your connection settings and if it still persist please do call on helpdesk.
Check for other computers in your Local Area Network, are they doing any heavy Internet activities such as file downloading, video streaming, etc. In many cases, this could caused by computer viruses and trojans etc. Control your bandwidth usage and regulary scan your computers with the latest antivirus updates.
Please check your bandwidth utilization, your Internet speed will be effected if your bandwidth utilization is full.
Please check your Servers and Routers, are they already on? Is your Ethernet cable plugged in correct position? Are your radio's POE on? POE's indicator led will light in green when it's on. If they are in correct positions, you can try to restart the radio by unplug the POE adaptor, and wait for about 30 seconds before you plug it back. If the Internet connection is not restored, please call on our helpdesk Team.

When is my monthly payment due?

Airway Broadband offers a subscription service. Payment is due no later than the 13th day of the month of service. (For a complete explanation of payment and fees, refer to the "Terms of Service".)

What is Fair usage policy (FUP)?

In simple words the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) means that even though you may subscribe to an unlimited broadband plan say for example 1 Mbps unlimited per month, and if your usage is very high and crosses a certain cap as decided by the broadband provider your connection speed will then be reduced to 512 kbps for the remaining month.

Why are Broadband providers implementing FUP?

If you have a 1 Mbps unlimited connection for a month and say for example you use the services for a full month, 24 hours a day, you will be using a lot of bandwidth. Now imagine many consumers doing the same. This will stall the whole network which is not up to date, resulting in drop in connection or slow connections. The broadband service providers are not able to handle too many simultaneous users and neither do they have advanced/ upgraded technology to do so, hence they have come up with the FUP crap.

What is Fair use and contention ratios?

Customers share internet connections - the number of people sharing a connection is called the "contention ratio" - and can be up to 50 people per line. So if one user is constantly downloading, it will slow the connection for the other users who are on at the same time.
Fair usage policies limit the usage of one user over another at peak times, so that the performance is not affected for the rest of the group. Providers tend to group people according to usage, so people who download all the time are grouped together.
These restrictions are imposed to ensure that the best quality of broadband is available to the maximum number of customers. So even though you have a 24Mbps connection with unlimited downloads, your speed may be heavily limited at peak times.
This is frustrating for a lot of people who have specifically bought high-speed packages because of their usage patterns. This kind of advertising is aimed at a heavy user and encourages people to get super speeds and unlimited allowances.
Check with your ISP to see what your contention ratio is, and what they classify as fair usage.

What is fair?

Day to day surfing, checking emails and occasional downloading will not get you into trouble with your ISP. However, downloading a 1-3GB movie every day is almost certain to. The key is to keep an eye on the amount that you are downloading. Then if you're classed as a heavy or excessive user, restructure your internet usage pattern so that you are not uploading or downloading at peak times.
If you don't take heed of their warnings, your ISP will slow down the speed of your connection at peak times. In serious cases your ISP may terminate your internet connection.

How will I know when I have cross my download limits?

We will send you an email/sms when you reach 80% of your plan's data transfer limit and again when you reach 100%. A majority of the users do not exceed the download limits as set in their plans and should not expect to receive such alerts as a norm.

How does Airway Broadband implement this policy?

Airway Broadband sets a monthly data transfer limit; this is different for different plans. Once you reach your data transfer limit, your speed will reduce as stated in your plan. Of course, at the start of your next monthly billing cycle, your monthly speed/ download limit will be reset. Also during the month, you can continue to download all you want, there are no additional data transfer caps set by Airway. Downloads continue to be unlimited as they always were.

Is there FUP on all broadband plans?

FUP is applicable on all unlimited data transfer plans. The data transfer continues to be unlimited, albeit at reduced speeds after FUP. Like mentioned before, FUP limits are imposed to ensure that the best quality of broadband is available to the maximum number of internet users.

What is Account ID ?

Account Number is the unique identification number assigned to every customer in Airway Broadband and this should be handy, when you interact with Airway Helpdesk Support and executive.

What happens in Fair Usage Policy ?

Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans and needless to mention, the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.

What would happen with the speed of service after I reach the FUP ?

On reaching the fair usage level, the plan speed would be optimized to Post FUP speed mentioned above in the table, for the rest of the month/ billing cycle as applicable. Please note that the speeds would be upgraded to the normal speeds at the start of the next month /billing cycle as applicable. While the subscriber has always the choice of choosing a right plan basis their individual requirements which is available in our website

Can I option for a Top-up after I reach my FUP ?

We have a choice of Top up plans that are available basis individual requirements.

What is the impact of Fair Usage Policy on data transfer limits?

We assure you that the data transfer limits remain unlimited and there will be no change on the same.

Will I get a copy of my bill / statement ?

Simply Login with your Account ID and password website.

How do I get to know my usage ?

Simply Login with your user ID and password.

How do I make my payments to Airway ?

We have a range of payment options to suit our customer needs. Simply click
1. ) Online Payment: Make an online payment by simply clicking
2. )Payment pick-up at door step: You can request by on call in our account department.

After payment, would my account get activated instantly ?

If the account is not active at the time of payment, it would require a minimum of 4 workings hours to a maximum of 72 Hours for the account to become active, depending upon the mode of payment.

What is Broadband?

In telecommunications, broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types. The medium can be coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair. Broadband provides a superior internet experience over dial up connection as it allows ease of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster. TRAI has defined Broadband as 'an always-on' data connection with minimum speeds of 512 Kbps.

What is Internet over Cable and how does it work?

It's an always-on Internet service, where high speed Internet is delivered over special cables. This technology uses Fiber and Coaxial cables to deliver Internet that has a higher capacity and are more weather resistant in comparison to Telephone cables that are designed to carry voice only. Cable Internet uses a Cable Modem to communicate between your computer and the Internet. It works in very similar manner as the modem used for dial up connection, but converting your data requirements into a high speed form compatible with the cable infrastructure.

What is a Cable Modem?

Cable Internet uses a cable modem to communicate between your computer and the Internet. The interface is between the higher speed coaxial cable and your PC. A cable modem has a capacity to transmit data at upto 4 Mbps, which is many times higher than a typical 56 kbps dialup modem.

Do I need a modem?

Ordinary dial-up modems are not suited for cable internet. You need a special cable modem that would connect to your computer. When you take service from Airway Broadband, at an additional cost the modem is provided by us.

What is FTTH

Fiber to the x (FTTX) is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last mile. FTTX is a generalization for several configurations of fiber deployment, arranged into groups like FTTH/FTTB/FTTF (Fiber laid all the way to the home/building/Floor) and with copper wires completing the connection. As fiber optic cables are able to carry much more data than copper cables, the traditional copper based networks are being replaced by fiber and thus paving the way for providing Gig interfaces for the subscribers.

How do I apply for Airway Broadband connection?

You can apply for new connection via website and Airway Broadband mobile app


  • Step 1: Go to
  • Click on Apply for New Connection
  • Fill your Name, Mobile number, Email Id, City, Area, Building, Address etc.
  • And click submit

Do I need to pay while applying for Airway Broadband connection?

No payment has to be made at the time of applying of an order. Post feasibility check, you would receive a confirmation email for making online payment to activate service.

What is the process of Service delivery?

Service delivery is as below:

Once your application has been processed for technical feasibility and when your building has been verified you will receive a call from Airway Broadband to assist you on selecting a tariff plan and in making online payment. If you wish to make offline payment the company will arrange for pick up of your cheque/cash. Installation will be done after the realization of subscription amount. On the time of installation you will need to submit the below listed documents for enabling service activation.
The following documents need to be submitted

Address Proof: Photocopy of ANY ONE of the following

  • 1. Ration card
  • 2.Latest society or water bill
  • 3.Latest MTNL bill
  • 4.Property tax or IT returns
  • 5.Latest paid bill of another operator

Photo Identity: Photocopy of ANY ONE of the following

  • 1.Passport
  • 2.Voter's ID card
  • 3.Driving license
  • 4.Company or College ID (current session)
  • 5.PAN card

Incase of office address for billing:

  • 1.Proof of Address of existing company
  • 2.NOC from the company

One recent passport size colored photo

What are the installation charges for the service?

Installation charges are based on the validity of plan selected. Currently, there are installation charges for new plan.

Are there any additional costs besides installation charges?

Yes, beside the plan and installation cost, there will be a refundable deposit of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 or Rs 2500 or 5000 based on the network available in your area you will be charged during the time online or offline payment.

What are the benefits of online service booking?

Benefits of an online service booking varies according to the plan taken
3/6/8 months (MB / Dual plan) get 10% extra GBs.
12+ months plan get 15% extra days for Unlimited Plans
3/4 months plan, get Rs 50 waiver on installation charges
6/8/12 months plan, get FREE installation

What does Tariff Plan mean?

Tariff plan is a plan that a subscriber has opted for determining his requirement for Speed and usage for a given pre-determined validity.

How do I select an optimum plan or what are the different types of plans?

We offer different types of plan such MB (Data transfer plan), Unlimited Plans, Dual Speed Plans (High speed Up to Free resources & reduced speed till validity expiry), Day & Night Plans (Low speed during Day time & increased speed during Night time). You can choose your appropriate plan according to your requirement and usage.

What speeds are offered by Airway Broadband ?

Airway Broadband offers plans with speeds from 1 Mbps - 40 Mbps speed to residence and enterprise.

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) ?

A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth, to the extent that it can impair the experience of others. The intent of our Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum internet experience to all customers.

What happens in Fair Usage Policy ?

Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans and needless to mention, the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.

What is Airway Broadband app and its benefits?

Airway Broadband has introduced a Mobile application to serve its subscriber with ease and convenience. Features of the Airway Broadband app are as mentioned below:

  • 1. Apply for New Connection
  • 2. Check status of New Connection
  • 3. Quick Pay
  • 4. Login to check your account details
  • 5. Renew Online
  • 1. Check Usage
  • 2. Refer a Friend
  • 3. Request for technical help
  • 4. Track your complaint in real time
  • 5. Set up renewal reminders

When do I renew my service?

You need to renew your account when it nears the threshold of your Mb limit /Service validity. Airway Broadband will intimate you when you are reaching the threshold by SMS/email or call, to facilitate service renewal.

Where and how do I pay my Airway Broadband service bill?

Procedure for renewal by online payment using net banking /Credit card(Master/visa)/ Debit Card/ Wallet Cash cards

  • Step1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on 'My Account' and login using your user name and password.
  • Step 3: Post login choose the option 'Renew Now'. Step 4: Select Net banking/Credit card and enter the payment gateway and follow the process.

Mobile APP

In Mobile app go to my accounts menu>> Renew My Account, Select new plan or Renew this Plan and follow the online payment procedure.

Offline payment

We assist in offline account renewal using cash or cheque through our collection executives. You will have to call your respective location call center to place a request for payment collection. An executive will visit your location address to collect the payment within 48 hours.

What is an Account No?

Account Number is the unique identification number assigned to every subscriber in Airway Broadband. The number has to be kept handy while interacting with Airway Broadband service executive.

How to reset your password through SMS or online?

Step 1) Type password & your Airway Broadband User Id in the following format PWD (space) User name/Account Number. For eg, if your account number is 58589898, then your SMS will be as follows: PWD 58589898 or if your user name is Anil, then your SMS will be as follows: PWD Anil SMS the above format to 95222 75610 and we will reset your password. The system generates a new random password and this will be sent to you as a reply to your SMS. For security reasons, we advise you to login and change your password immediately

Step 2) To reset your password online

  • Step1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on "My Account" and login using your user name and password.
  • Step 3:Select 'password change', save the new password
  • For security reasons, we advise you to login and change your password immediately

If I shift my home, how do I know whether Airway Broadband service will be available at the new location and what are the charges I need to pay if the service is available at the new location?

If you are shifting your home, you can call up Airway Broadband customer care to find out whether the new location already has the Airway Broadband service. If service is available at new location, our Customer care will take down the request for a shift in location. The one-time charge for shifting is Rs. 500.

My Internet Connection Is Not Working?

We are happy to assist you with any technical related issues faced while using our service. A technical team member will be assigned to your case to resolve the issue. However, before you call us to register complaint please run through the following checklist.

  • (put a tick box) the LAN cable is properly plugged in to the computer / router
  • make sure that the LAN Card / Wireless adapter is not disabled.
  • see if the LED lights on the LAN card are blinking or not.
  • make sure that the LAN Connection is indicating 'Connected'
  • If you are using a 'Router', please restart the same

Please go to Start > Run, here type 'cmd' and the Command prompt / DOS prompt will appear. In the Dialogue box which appears please type 'ipconfig /release' followed by 'ipconfig /renew'. Then try to surf again.

Disable and then enable your LAN card / Wireless Card / switch off your router, wait a few seconds and then switch it on again. If your internet does not work post following the above steps, please contact the support team according to your location visit

How do I lodge complaint?

If you are facing service, billing or connection related issues, please register your complaint through the following channels
1) Call customer care (

° SMS SERVE(Space)Account number/username to 9522275610
° Airway Broadband MOBILE APP (link) login with your username and password and click on support menu, view the available engineers in your location, confirm and get real time support. If, no engineer is available at the time of complaint registration the system will automatically schedule request.

How do I cancel or disconnect my Airway Broadband Account?

You can cancel or disconnect your Airway Broadband account by registering disconnection request either by call or email.

How do I get a refund?

Refund - Prior to Activation:

In the unlikely event of you deciding to cancel your application for a Airway Broadband connection, for any reason, the appropriate refund will be made by Airway Broadband in the stipulated time.

Refund - Post Activation:

Should you decide to disconnect your Airway Broadband connection after activation, you will get refund once you register request asking for a disconnection by call or email The refund would be made after adjusting any dues and will be made by Airway Broadband by cheque within a stipulated time period.